Updated 2023 Jun 03 by Likho ( is a simple microblog generation script written in under 500 lines of Python.

If you use it, let me know. I can also add you to my webring.




Perks over social media platforms.

Usage assumes the user has a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. There is no code specific to an operating system, but Linux users would have the least trouble running it.

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Getting Started

These are the sequence of commands to get started.

git clone microblog
cd microblog
cp example/Makefile .

This means to:

  1. download the program using a git client into a folder called microblog
  2. enter the folder microblog
  3. copy and paste the file example/Makefile into the current folder.
  4. invoke make

This should generate an example page named result.html which can be opened in a web browser for preview. It should also avail the files template.tpl, timeline.css, settings.toml, and content.txt.

To help discern which elements are which, some borders in result.html are color-coded in red, blue, and green.

If you don’t want to use Gnu Make…

make is only there for convenience. If you want to use another interface, this is the page generation command:

python ./template.tpl ./content.txt >  result.html

You can rename the files content.txt, template.tpl, and result.html however you wish. THese are only names provided by example.

Enable webring

Assuming you have the program already downloaded by git.

git checkout syndication

Reference example/settings.toml or online at

Note, I don’t consider the webring branch finalized as of May 6, 2023. Updates to the branch may involve changes to the settings file.

Adding to webring

The followers list is an array of strings.1

list= [""]

An array can also be broken into multiple lines.

list = [

See for acceptable syntax.

You can add someone on an alternate DNS root like OpenNIC as long as your computer resolves the URL. Just don’t expect that same URL to resolve for everyone else visiting your page.


The project uses pycurl and urllib for web requests.2, to upload files in bulk to neocities, handles password using getpass.3 on the branch syndication uses HTTP connections only to fetch data.4`

Proxy Behavior

Proxy support has been added to on branch syndication in commit e4af5bbd6aca8f06baa6e29d57090481eb208193. By the default behavior of urllib.request.ProxyHandler,5 the script will respond to environment variables such as http_proxy or https_proxy.

Tor support can be enabled by setting either

As a result, the full script invocation will look like:

https_proxy=socks:// python

Why I’m not using the Fediverse

The foremost alternative to Twitter or Tumblr was the Fediverse, and I lost interest in the Fediverse for reasons as complex as the Fediverse is. But an approximation is that it is very easy to find poor administration or overbearing moderation in the Fediverse. The visibility of content is also subject to arbitrary white/blacklisting set by the administrator.6

I originally had profiles on and Both sites are offline now. However, I also found myself a misfit in a culture of people who want information delivered on a timeline.