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I generally do not write NSFW content, but if I ever do, it will be marked.

Naked Photographs (Guilty Gear)
2021 Oct 17 4,200 words
Robo-Ky becomes a photographer, and Baiken's path of vengeance takes a detour. Rating: Teen - Same as the game. Warnings: Violence (Combat)
Cephalon Stallman (Warframe)
2021 Sep 30 3,300 words
Free software advocate Richard Stallman awakens as a cephalon in the Warframe universe. Rating: Teen - Same as the game. Warnings: Violence (Combat)
Chicken Nuggets
2021 Jul 03 2,000 words
The struggle of a male fanfiction writer. Rating: Teen Warnings: Language
(Blog) RE: Cryptocurrency is an abject disaster
2021 May 04 723 words
I read Drew DeVault's blog.
2021 Apr 11 1,200 words
A courier boy's delivery. Rating: Teen Warnings: Injured Character
The Little Ghost That Could
2021 Mar 14 1,000 words
A sad RTS unit is left with 1 health and 0 kills. Loosely based on StarCraft Classic. Rating: Teen - Same as the game. Warnings: Violence (Combat)
Mnemosyne's Heretic
2020 Aug 15 5,000 words
A bioscientist starts a new life on the world beyond the frontier. Rating: Mature Warnings: Controversial Subject