Who writes this stuff?

About Me

Likho — an mythological entity of unluck in Slavic mythology, a verb meaning ‘to write’ in South Asian languages, or a heavy bomber plane in a free and open source RTS game.1

I do small things in weird ways on my spare time such as building this website and writing short stories (more often fanfiction).

I am making it a habit to publish at least 1,000 words per month, either as a short story or a new chapter. The newest content appears on ArchiveOfOurOwn/Likho first. After typos and errors are edited out, a Neocities page is made for it.

Site policy

I don’t use any javascripts on my website. The only javascripts that would load are embeds on my Microblog. (I embed invidious instead of YouTube.)

RE: N/SFW, content ratings

There is no erotica or sexual content on my website. Any content with sensitive materials that require age gates is instead uploaded onto ArchiveOfOurOwn with a M or E rating.

I categorize sensitive materials as:

  • sexual content
  • insults or profanity that relate to immutable physical attributes such as race, ethnicity or sex

The following is not categorized as sensitive content:

  • general profanity
  • insults or profanity that relate to mutable or nonphysical attributes such as beliefs, philosophy, or religion

My favorite types of websites

I am not actually nostalgic for 90s style web pages. I like websites that load fast and get the point across. That happens to involve plain .html and minimal javascripting if any at all.

I am a supporter of free culture. Whenver I can, I would license my work under CC-BY-SA. I don’t have a favorable opinion of copyright and prefer to ignore copyrighted works.

RE: Criticism, concrit, less than positive opinions

I don’t have eggshells regarding critique or criticism. But I won’t agree with every piece of feedback I receive. For both site design and content, honest feedback doesn’t have to be sugarcoated.

RE: “Is this you?”

If you have received my e-mail address from your company’s web form, chances are it is not me.

I am not on the following platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook (or Instagram)
  • Amazon (or Royal Road)
  • Google (or Plus, YouTube)
  • Ko-fi, Patreon, fanbox, LiberaPay or any online patronage sites or marketplaces using Paypal or Stripe

I also do not re-use this alias outside the context of writing.

RE: Tips, donations, trades, commissions

  • I am open to participating in fic trades, exchanges and other events.
  • I do not transact online in fiat currency.
  • I use ‘monnaie libre’ (libre|free currency).
  • I don’t take commissions.
  • I used to have a Monero address but I don’t use it anymore.

I only accept Ğ1 at the moment. Check my support page for extra information. I may have open offers on ğchange, but I don’t always update them. Anything too old (6+ months) is outdated.

RE: Discord

I am not signing up for Discord.

My computer is my property. I shouldn’t have to explain why I don’t want to install or run a proprietary program on my computer.

  1. There is someone in that game’s community who either is named after the plane or the plane is named after. This is not me.↩︎