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This page is what happens when I try to copy the social media format for plain HTML+CSS.
I have an e-mail client for notifications. All replies are private until I write a page generator for those.

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RE: Domain of Gaia on Archive of Our Own.
How did the 19th century verify coins for authentic metal content?
I had found this link which details the parallels between metal assaying and the methods in which inquisitors distinguished witches from innocent women. The link hypothesizes "witch" was a codeword for counterfeit coin.
Deeper in the discussion, I found a book titled "The Assayer's Guide" (1884) which documents now obsolete methods of metals assaying. (Nowadays, an electronic scanner detects types of metals. So no need to damage the coin with heat or needles.) Even though this book is well into public domain by now, the free copy has paywalled pages. (lol)
#fediverse obituary (2/2)
I might make another friendica account later. But I also might take another break from the fediverse.
I initially joined the fediverse so I could find other fanfic readers and writers, to get interactions and feedback on my writing projects. But I think the fediverse has become more trouble than its worth.
#fediverse obituary (1/2)
admin: mattp

After gnusocial.no went offline, I picked a Friendica instance because Friendica seemed to be the most compatible type of instance. Friendica interacts with Gnu Social, Misskey, Pleroma, and Mastodon with little issue. The downside was that Friendica's frontend was relatively slow.
I liked using Friendica; however, the instance sendero.social was not my ideal instance. At one point, the administration blocked *.eskimo.com for "linking to Qanon". There was no clarification in that *.eskimo.com officially linked to Qanon or just a user of *.eskimo.com linked to Qanon. And I didn't find anything out of the ordinary when I just typed the domain in my address bar.
When I and someone else brought up the issue of the instance block, the administration/support said they would allow users to follow someone under review if the instance block got in the way. It was at this point, I figured that the fediverse has lost a sense of purpose because no other platform requires admin permission to follow someone.
#surf money politics
I read
The article has an interesting interpretation of the commodities market (as the price of nickel made exponential gains lately).
What I understand of the situation: a Chinese client had a short position on nickel on the London Metals Exchange (LME). When the price of nickel went up, instead of letting the client lose money, trading was suspended.

Reuters - LME suspends nickel trading after prices soar past $100,000

TL;DR the author speculates that these moves are to impact the credibility of LME. So commodity exchanges move from London and Chicago to Moscow or China. In that case, the sanctions against Russia won't matter as much? It seems the main goal is so the world transitions from using US dollars ($) to gold as a mediator of oil trade.
Extras I interpreted:

  • de-dollarization means less value for the $.

  • less value for the dollar means gas prices go up.

  • people complaining about $5 gas and inflation have more to complain about.

#fanfic #monnaielibre
I commissioned a French translation for Cephalon Stallman a while ago, but I haven't gotten to publishing it until recently. They are temporarily available at:
This translation is by Aur&lie on ─čchange.
The drafts section of the site is where I'll be posting incomplete works or translations under review. These French translations are on that section as I still want feedback from native French readers before considering them complete.
#fediverse obituary
https://gnusocial.no (dead)
admin: @vaeringjar of https://peers.community/

gnusocial.no featured a tag cloud for user profiles and the public timeline. If gnusocial ever obtained a large userbase, I would have a much better time browsing it than other instances on the fediverse.
However, the profile directory was sorted alphabetically which made it difficult to discover other active users. Eventually, the userbase dwindled, and the public timeline was dominated by two bots. The protocol Ostatus was also deprecated by Pleroma and Mastodon, so the amount of possible interactions also declined.
gnusocial.no shut down in August 2020.
Here were old links I kept on my Ao3 profile, but it's time to take them off.
#ainokusabi #fandom

The end result was that instead of countering through brute-force and eradicating Area 9 (Ceres), Midas simply announced that their residential records would be deleted.

Ai no Kusabi Vol 1, Page 63

Without a single loss of life -- they (Ceres) had won their rights, their freedom, and their independence.

Ai no Kusabi Vol 1, Page 63
Dana-Bahn itself was constructed from military technology not of Tanagura.

Ai no Kusabi Vol 8, Page 145

The near end of the series introduces a large structure within Ceres called Dana-Bahn that was supposedly pivotal during the independence movement. But it exists as the stage to end the story. From then on, there is not much content to scrutinize for the history within the world. A supposedly bloodless event and a major construction of military technology had me speculate there was a major discrepancy between the stated history and what had actually happened.
This idea manifested in my first #fanfics of Ai no Kusabi (Prologue of Two Opposites and Life In Midas) as the memories of Iason tell a much different story than an online article from Midas.
#ainokusabi #fandom

The platinum blonde Aire. Lean's blue-black hair and ice-blue eyes. Sheila's fiery red hair and amber eyes. Ghil's unblemished white hair and scarlet eyes. Health's straight, honey blonde hair and brown eyes. Raven's silver hair and gray eyes. No matter how many years passed, every face remained forever young in his mind.

Ai no Kusabi Vol 2, Page 111

When Riki reminisces about his block mates from Guardian, their described hair colors line up with the ranks in Tanagura (Blondie, Platina, Ruby, Sapphire). The only rank not described is Jade, and Riki is the analogue to Onyx in this group.
I thought about this exerpt and the other ties between Ceres and Tanagura. It was one of the things that inspired my #fanfic in that Riki was the clone of an Onyx that led a rebellion to found Ceres.
That was all before Midnight Illusion's translation even started. So it might be one of the ways my fanfic will break off from canon.
Taking a break from the #fediverse
Everyone is talking about COVID-19 even though we've been living with this pandemic for two years. And that the novel coronavirus isn't so novel anymore. I totally understand it and what the government is doing is important. (The last time I had to take a break was during the 2020 US Elections.)
I really wish people would use hashtags so I can read coronavirus stuff when I want to and easily find the niche geek crap I came for.
The reason I made this microblog was to refocus on why I wanted to join a microblogging platform to begin with. And that reason wasn't to get vaccuumed into hot topics like politics.
Think I should do more for videos. #test #invidious
mini gallery generation #test
I read the blog of a bear hunter and chef.
He mentions bear meat is thought to be inedible as a result of bears that have fed on spawning salmon. But I wonder what in salmon makes bear meat inedible.
Test. #test # blog
Got a goofy idea to make a microblog in plain HTML, and here it is.