Likho writes stories.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Likho. I'm pseudonymous on the internet and I keep real life and the online world separate. I have a few other hobbies, but I publish my writing under this alias. While there isn't a formal rating standard for web publishing, most of what I write is in the ballpark of mild language and mild violence.

My priority when writing stories is focusing on the themes, events, characters, and lastly prose. Not sure if the same goes for other writers, but I'll sometimes upload a rough draft and tweak the prose a bit. After enough refinement, the editing cools off and I can consider the story 'done'.

I don't lock myself to a genre, so the content may vary. I also mirror my work on Archive of Our Own, but not everything there has been extensively edited.

In the off-chance you want to support my work, I'm currently not set up for online payment processing. (The terms of service documents take a while to properly review.) I can use cryptocurrency, and it's mostly easy to convert between them.






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