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Hobby writer and internet wanderer. I like writing fanfiction. Sometimes, I branch out to random subjects.

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22 Nov 24 (#29)

#surf #fediverse

I found

'Mastodon: A Social Media Platform Dominated By Pedophiles & Child Porn'


The good: the article is precise in distinguishing the protocol, the network, and the software.

The bad: the article is not as precise in its classification of CSAM (child sexual abuse material).

When I got to the section of Japan, I realized the portrayal of the issue became hyperbolic and started to recognize what the article was actually talking about.

The real issue: it is not possible to objectively define the age of a fictional character, so many jurisdictions even within "the West" exclude illustrations and literature from the criteria of illegal content.

I suspect "The Great Pedophile Invasion of 2017" is actually the NSFW purges of Tumblr and Patreon. If so, entire groups of erotica writers and artists are unfortunately lumped into a category of sexual predators.

22 Apr 08 (#12)

#fediverse obituary (2/2)

I might make another friendica account later. But I also might take another break from the fediverse.

I initially joined the fediverse so I could find other fanfic readers and writers, to get interactions and feedback on my writing projects. But I think the fediverse has become more trouble than its worth.

22 Apr 08 (#11)

#fediverse obituary (1/2)



admin: mattp

After gnusocial.no went offline, I picked a Friendica instance because Friendica seemed to be the most compatible type of instance. Friendica interacts with Gnu Social, Misskey, Pleroma, and Mastodon with little issue. The downside was that Friendica's frontend was relatively slow.

I liked using Friendica; however, the instance sendero.social was not my ideal instance. At one point, the administration blocked *.eskimo.com for "linking to Qanon". There was no clarification in that *.eskimo.com officially linked to Qanon or just a user of *.eskimo.com linked to Qanon. And I didn't find anything out of the ordinary when I just typed the domain in my address bar.

When I and someone else brought up the issue of the instance block, the administration/support said they would allow users to follow someone under review if the instance block got in the way. It was at this point, I figured that the fediverse has lost a sense of purpose because no other platform requires admin permission to follow someone.

22 Feb 22 (#8)

#fediverse obituary

https://gnusocial.no (dead)


admin: @vaeringjar of https://peers.community/

gnusocial.no featured a tag cloud for user profiles and the public timeline. If gnusocial ever obtained a large userbase, I would have a much better time browsing it than other instances on the fediverse.

However, the profile directory was sorted alphabetically which made it difficult to discover other active users. Eventually, the userbase dwindled, and the public timeline was dominated by two bots. The protocol Ostatus was also deprecated by Pleroma and Mastodon, so the amount of interactions also declined.

gnusocial.no shut down in August 2020.

Here were old links I kept on my Ao3 profile, but it's time to take them off.





22 Jan 16 (#5)

Taking a break from the #fediverse

Everyone is talking about COVID-19 even though we've been living with this pandemic for two years. And that the novel coronavirus isn't so novel anymore. I totally understand it and what the government is doing is important. (The last time I had to take a break was during the 2020 US Elections.)

I really wish people would use hashtags so I can read coronavirus stuff when I want to and easily find the niche geek crap I came for.

The reason I made this microblog was to refocus on why I wanted to join a microblogging platform to begin with. And that reason wasn't to get vaccuumed into hot topics like politics.