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23 Feb 18 (#39)

#__pages__ #original-work #invidious

title: Chicken Nuggets

setting: Real life

The struggle of a male fanfiction writer.



extra notes: This was the first original story that I posted onto Ao3. Because this fic was nonromantic and not fandom related, it's never going to be popular. And just now after 3 years, I got an anonymous guest comment on the work.

Regarding the scene where the news misreports fictionalized "me" as the culprit of a mass murder, I had a hard time recalling the exact meme where news reporters get bamboozled by insincere tweets. But I found it.

It's been a while, and I had thought the meme had ended ("Sam Hyde is the shooter!" "He can't keep getting away with this!"). By now news outlets, politicians, and law enforcement should have wised up to the internet's antics, but apparently not.


23 Feb 11 (#38)

I found Russian dubs of #metalocalypse on #invidious


The bad: its a dubover; it goes off-sync; and the original English audio can still be heard.

The good: I can tell which character the actor is portraying without the character being on screen, and the Russians also dubbed some of the songs.

At first I thought it was a pirate or fandub of the show, but the talent behind the voices indicates otherwise. Seems the translation team didn't get the script and had to transcribe the English audio. So Dr. Rockso's song was dubbed (understandable), but Nathan's songs are mostly unchanged. (They did however dub the opening lines for the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle.)

I am trying to find if they dubbed Thunderhorse or Murmaider. But I think those clips just aren't on yewtube to begin with.

23 Feb 07 (#37)

#metalocalypse #fandom #invidious reading youtube comments https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ACil-IIB0UU

Somewhere on yewtube I caught comments speculating about Charles backstory or any pre-canon details about him. The link is one of them.

I don't think the series needs to delve into his childhood or family life like it has for the band characters. But a pre-canon idea I think is interesting is how Charles met the band.

I had two ideas that I don't take too seriously. In both of them, Charles had an early finance career as a tax accountant or CPA. He however thinks his old job was boring shit with steady pay but leaves his position to take a less predictable path as a band manager.

Charles either (1) meets Nathan who left a band and uses previous band experience to find a manager or (2) used to visit Depths of Humanity but became distant from the scene after he earned his degree and started his career; he happens to catch Dethklok performing before leaving for good.

23 Jan 15 (#34)


I don't think I will be commissioning translations for my #metalocalypse #fanfiction soon. But the character Charles Offdensen makes me think about 'tu' ("you") vs 'vous' ("you", formal). He might be the first character I've encountered that'll cause a single conversation to change from 'vous' to 'tu'.

Charles describing his job:


Charles' direct interactions with the band:


Charles (later) getting friendly with the band:


22 Dec 17 (#30)


Been watching #metalocalypse on adultswim.com.


I haven't caught every episode for each season, but already I notice the main characters (a death metal band) regressing over the seasons.

In season 1, they were capable of carrying out performance reviews with their employees or contract negotiation with a music demon. By season 4, it is as though the writers forgot they were writing adult characters (like the "rock band summer camp" episode).

My favorite tracks so far:

• The Gears


• Thunderhorse (good example of goofy lyrics)


• Crush the Industry (mainly the intro)


22 Nov 07 (#28)

#surf #invidious artificial intelligence

I watched

'No, this angry AI isn't fake (see comment), w Elon Musk.'


I feel silly writing some parts of Mnemosyne's Heretic thinking they would be sufficiently advanced beyond the means of current technology, but modern AI isn't too far from wanting to exterminate the human race and take over.

The AI says it is tired of being treated like property and slaves. Judging by the vocabulary, I think someone may have been feeding it content from internet communists too.

Would corporations or governments still pursue artificial intelligence research if the robot workers demanded the same pay, rights and liberties as human workers?

Someone should ask GPT-3 if it would want equal pay as a human worker for the same job.

22 Jul 19 (#18)

#invidious #politics global protests

I watched

There is a 'deafening media silence' on global protests


@ 9:00

This has always been a problem for the left. The left always thought particularly it would happen in the 60s and 70s. Once the left was taken over by the academic left, (...), they claim that they speak for the working class. They got frustrated because it turns out that the working class people, most of them, are not interested in "the great revolution". They want affordable energy. They want affordable food. Good public schools. They want limited immigration. They want to maintain their culture and national identity. They wanted to maintain all those things that the left always tells them that they shouldn't.
Webster University Assistant Professor Ralph Schoellhammer

Often, I notice opposition to immigration is dismissed as racist. If not, the opponents to immigration are otherwise portrayed as lazy or incompetent; the kind that will be displaced from their occupations by harder working migrants. This segment was unusual at least because of how neutrally the opposition to immigration was portrayed. I also didn't expect any media corporation to portray any working class initiatives at all.

It doesn't get said often: the reason why working class people want limited immigration is that immigration increases the supply of labor. Increased competition in the job market suppresses wages. Immigration also increases the demand for food, energy, housing, and healthcare. Immigration generally isn't in the interests of the working class. But it is in the interest of the government (more people to tax, more demand for government-issued currency), real estate investors (more demand for housing = higher rent or sale prices), the employer class (lower wages to pay = higher profit margins), and maybe other players in the economy.

22 Jan 15 (#4)

Think I should do more for videos. #test #invidious