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23 Apr 30 (#46)

I take back what I said about Charles from #metalocalypse possibly working as a CPA or tax accountant before becoming the manager of Dethklok. I now see him as working as a lawyer at an insurance company. Nathan crashed his car while listening to his own music and met Charles.

23 Mar 15 (#42)

#__pages__ #metalocalypse #fanfic

title: Pillowklok

Dethklok is a melodeath band that saw phenomenal success and the celebrity spotlight cast upon them. They discover their manager has fans too and decide to adjust a day dedicated to the fans accordingly.



200 hits on Ao3! I know those are small-time numbers. Given the size of the fandom and general low interest in non-romantic fiction, I consider that an accomplishment.

23 Feb 11 (#38)

I found Russian dubs of #metalocalypse on #invidious


The bad: its a dubover; it goes off-sync; and the original English audio can still be heard.

The good: I can tell which character the actor is portraying without the character being on screen, and the Russians also dubbed some of the songs.

At first I thought it was a pirate or fandub of the show, but the talent behind the voices indicates otherwise. Seems the translation team didn't get the script and had to transcribe the English audio. So Dr. Rockso's song was dubbed (understandable), but Nathan's songs are mostly unchanged. (They did however dub the opening lines for the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle.)

I am trying to find if they dubbed Thunderhorse or Murmaider. But I think those clips just aren't on yewtube to begin with.

23 Feb 07 (#37)

#metalocalypse #fandom #invidious reading youtube comments https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ACil-IIB0UU

Somewhere on yewtube I caught comments speculating about Charles backstory or any pre-canon details about him. The link is one of them.

I don't think the series needs to delve into his childhood or family life like it has for the band characters. But a pre-canon idea I think is interesting is how Charles met the band.

I had two ideas that I don't take too seriously. In both of them, Charles had an early finance career as a tax accountant or CPA. He however thinks his old job was boring shit with steady pay but leaves his position to take a less predictable path as a band manager.

Charles either (1) meets Nathan who left a band and uses previous band experience to find a manager or (2) used to visit Depths of Humanity but became distant from the scene after he earned his degree and started his career; he happens to catch Dethklok performing before leaving for good.

23 Jan 15 (#34)


I don't think I will be commissioning translations for my #metalocalypse #fanfiction soon. But the character Charles Offdensen makes me think about 'tu' ("you") vs 'vous' ("you", formal). He might be the first character I've encountered that'll cause a single conversation to change from 'vous' to 'tu'.

Charles describing his job:


Charles' direct interactions with the band:


Charles (later) getting friendly with the band:


22 Dec 17 (#31)

I wrote my first #metalocalypse #fanfic


Description: The manager of a death metal band goes to the hospital for a health examination. (The band included.)

Remix of https://dethklok.fandom.com/wiki/Dethhealth

22 Dec 17 (#30)


Been watching #metalocalypse on adultswim.com.


I haven't caught every episode for each season, but already I notice the main characters (a death metal band) regressing over the seasons.

In season 1, they were capable of carrying out performance reviews with their employees or contract negotiation with a music demon. By season 4, it is as though the writers forgot they were writing adult characters (like the "rock band summer camp" episode).

My favorite tracks so far:

• The Gears


• Thunderhorse (good example of goofy lyrics)


• Crush the Industry (mainly the intro)