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23 Jun 24 (#51)


I heard about the OceanGate submarine, and lol at the countdowns and the media chatting about the oxygen left.



When the US Navy already knew it imploded on Sunday (18th) and only revealed so Thursday (22rd), the same day oxygen would have run out.


Not sure if this can be considered "leading the public on" or "breadcrumbing". I need new words for the bullshit that happens in the public sphere. But TIL navies plant underwater microphones in the ocean to listen for torpedoes.

22 Dec 22 (#32)

#surf #politics #wallstreetsilver rant

I butted heads with "conspiracy theorist" types before. Not in the sense that "conspiracy theorists" are insane crackpots, it is entirely possible for wealthy, powerful people to conspire like with the Panama Papers. I put "conspiracy theorists" (quotes) because these people aren't necessarily theorizing about a conspiracy as they are suspicious about the status quo.

The annoying thing about them is that they both obscure their sources and complain about their information "not reaching the sleepers". I quote:


The worse kinds insult or mock people for asking questions, calling people lazy for "not doing their own research" as though they're concerned with a general audience plagiarizing their unsubstantiated claims. These types don't understand the importance of citing a source, which unfortunately gave ground for government propagandists or fact checkers.

I suspect they do this because they want people to visit profiles on social media or join chat groups more than they actually want to present information.

22 Oct 12 (#26)

#surf #politics #wallstreetsilver covid19

I had found a video of European politicians discussing the use of public funds to purchase proprietary medical products.

Silver Stackers - What Are They Trying To Hide?


What I found disappointing was that the thread starter was not able to cite the source or even identify the speaker to help others find the full contents of the conference. The only thing the submitter could say was that the clip was found in a telegram channel. It is almost like the post itself is just a lure to get people to join a telegram channel.

The speaker in the clip is Cristian TerheČ™, MEP for Romania. He has a YouTube channel which contains the 26 minute segment which the clip is derived starting 4:43.


22 Sep 26 (#25)


I noticed a post on teddit about Putin granting Edward Snowden Russian citizenship. I scrolled through the comments to find this post among others saying Snowden should be pardoned and returned home to the United States.


I think if Snowden was brought back to the United States, he would just be murdered by the government agencies. They had openly and publicly stated their cringey fantasies to kill him; I don't expect them to have went back on their word.


22 Jul 19 (#18)

#invidious #politics global protests

I watched

There is a 'deafening media silence' on global protests


@ 9:00

This has always been a problem for the left. The left always thought particularly it would happen in the 60s and 70s. Once the left was taken over by the academic left, (...), they claim that they speak for the working class. They got frustrated because it turns out that the working class people, most of them, are not interested in "the great revolution". They want affordable energy. They want affordable food. Good public schools. They want limited immigration. They want to maintain their culture and national identity. They wanted to maintain all those things that the left always tells them that they shouldn't.
Webster University Assistant Professor Ralph Schoellhammer

Often, I notice opposition to immigration is dismissed as racist. If not, the opponents to immigration are otherwise portrayed as lazy or incompetent; the kind that will be displaced from their occupations by harder working migrants. This segment was unusual at least because of how neutrally the opposition to immigration was portrayed. I also didn't expect any media corporation to portray any working class initiatives at all.

It doesn't get said often: the reason why working class people want limited immigration is that immigration increases the supply of labor. Increased competition in the job market suppresses wages. Immigration also increases the demand for food, energy, housing, and healthcare. Immigration generally isn't in the interests of the working class. But it is in the interest of the government (more people to tax, more demand for government-issued currency), real estate investors (more demand for housing = higher rent or sale prices), the employer class (lower wages to pay = higher profit margins), and maybe other players in the economy.

22 Mar 14 (#10)

#surf money #politics

I read


The article has an interesting interpretation of the commodities market (as the price of nickel made exponential gains lately).

What I understand of the situation: a Chinese client had a short position on nickel on the London Metals Exchange (LME). When the price of nickel went up, instead of letting the client lose money, trading was suspended.

Reuters - LME suspends nickel trading after prices soar past $100,000


TL;DR the author speculates that these moves are to impact the credibility of LME. So commodity exchanges move from London and Chicago to Moscow or China. In that case, the sanctions against Russia won't matter as much? It seems the main goal is so the world transitions from using US dollars ($) to gold as a mediator of oil trade.

Extras I interpreted:

  • de-dollarization means less value for the $.
  • less value for the dollar means gas prices go up.
  • people complaining about $5 gas and inflation have more to complain about.