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23 Feb 18 (#39)

#__pages__ #original-work #invidious

title: Chicken Nuggets

setting: Real life

The struggle of a male fanfiction writer.



extra notes: This was the first original story that I posted onto Ao3. Because this fic was nonromantic and not fandom related, it's never going to be popular. And just now after 3 years, I got an anonymous guest comment on the work.

Regarding the scene where the news misreports fictionalized "me" as the culprit of a mass murder, I had a hard time recalling the exact meme where news reporters get bamboozled by insincere tweets. But I found it.

It's been a while, and I had thought the meme had ended ("Sam Hyde is the shooter!" "He can't keep getting away with this!"). By now news outlets, politicians, and law enforcement should have wised up to the internet's antics, but apparently not.


23 Feb 11 (#38)

I found Russian dubs of #metalocalypse on #invidious


The bad: its a dubover; it goes off-sync; and the original English audio can still be heard.

The good: I can tell which character the actor is portraying without the character being on screen, and the Russians also dubbed some of the songs.

At first I thought it was a pirate or fandub of the show, but the talent behind the voices indicates otherwise. Seems the translation team didn't get the script and had to transcribe the English audio. So Dr. Rockso's song was dubbed (understandable), but Nathan's songs are mostly unchanged. (They did however dub the opening lines for the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle.)

I am trying to find if they dubbed Thunderhorse or Murmaider. But I think those clips just aren't on yewtube to begin with.

23 Feb 07 (#37)

#metalocalypse #fandom #invidious reading youtube comments https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ACil-IIB0UU

Somewhere on yewtube I caught comments speculating about Charles backstory or any pre-canon details about him. The link is one of them.

I don't think the series needs to delve into his childhood or family life like it has for the band characters. But a pre-canon idea I think is interesting is how Charles met the band.

I had two ideas that I don't take too seriously. In both of them, Charles had an early finance career as a tax accountant or CPA. He however thinks his old job was boring shit with steady pay but leaves his position to take a less predictable path as a band manager.

Charles either (1) meets Nathan who left a band and uses previous band experience to find a manager or (2) used to visit Depths of Humanity but became distant from the scene after he earned his degree and started his career; he happens to catch Dethklok performing before leaving for good.

23 Feb 03 (#36)

#surf On #wallstreetsilver I found a post reporting about workers striking for higher wages and against an anti-strike law in London. Then two posts down, some post fussing about r/antiwork (and r/overemployed).


There seems to be either a trend among boomers or a robot with AI generated text to denigrate the modern struggle of the working class. What they say is usually some variant of "I worked hard / my asses off", "I am or have (upper management position)", "millenials are entitled", something etc to signal their work ethic or accomplishments. Which completely ignores or detracts from economic issues (stagnant wages, increased cost of living, inflation) to redirect the problem as the later generation's lack of character ("entitlement", laziness, self-victimization).

23 Jan 20 (#35)

#surf I read:


In most cases, I agree with the Electronic Froniter Foundation regarding issues of internet censorship and privacy. It is for this article I am somewhat ambivalent.

But the reality is a prohibition of many types of legal content, including legal sexual material. This restriction is all too familiar to queer communities, sex workers, and other marginalized groups—all of whom have experienced censorship for their perfectly legal content elsewhere.
The first things that have ran though my head upon reading that paragraph is the legal ramfications for any entity distributing any sexual content involving real people. Any business (or "platform") does not want to be liable for exposing pornographic content to minors, neither does it want to be liable for "revenge porn". By visual content alone, explicit photos of real people can not be confirmed to be legal.

The rules surrounding the production and distribution of pornography are something I doubt any other category of platforms than pornography are legally prepared for. So I understand the compromise that "free speech" marketed platforms made in prohibiting nude content. Events I have been reminded of:

Steam removes Super Seducer 3


Pornhub removes unverified videos


23 Jan 15 (#34)


I don't think I will be commissioning translations for my #metalocalypse #fanfiction soon. But the character Charles Offdensen makes me think about 'tu' ("you") vs 'vous' ("you", formal). He might be the first character I've encountered that'll cause a single conversation to change from 'vous' to 'tu'.

Charles describing his job:


Charles' direct interactions with the band:


Charles (later) getting friendly with the band:


23 Jan 07 (#33)


Going to test a branch of the microblog generator for a week or two before merging to master. (New feature: a configuration file.)

22 Dec 22 (#32)

#surf #politics #wallstreetsilver rant

I butted heads with "conspiracy theorist" types before. Not in the sense that "conspiracy theorists" are insane crackpots, it is entirely possible for wealthy, powerful people to conspire like with the Panama Papers. I put "conspiracy theorists" (quotes) because these people aren't necessarily theorizing about a conspiracy as they are suspicious about the status quo.

The annoying thing about them is that they both obscure their sources and complain about their information "not reaching the sleepers". I quote:


The worse kinds insult or mock people for asking questions, calling people lazy for "not doing their own research" as though they're concerned with a general audience plagiarizing their unsubstantiated claims. These types don't understand the importance of citing a source, which unfortunately gave ground for government propagandists or fact checkers.

I suspect they do this because they want people to visit profiles on social media or join chat groups more than they actually want to present information.

22 Dec 17 (#31)

I wrote my first #metalocalypse #fanfic


Description: The manager of a death metal band goes to the hospital for a health examination. (The band included.)

Remix of https://dethklok.fandom.com/wiki/Dethhealth

22 Dec 17 (#30)


Been watching #metalocalypse on adultswim.com.


I haven't caught every episode for each season, but already I notice the main characters (a death metal band) regressing over the seasons.

In season 1, they were capable of carrying out performance reviews with their employees or contract negotiation with a music demon. By season 4, it is as though the writers forgot they were writing adult characters (like the "rock band summer camp" episode).

My favorite tracks so far:

• The Gears


• Thunderhorse (good example of goofy lyrics)


• Crush the Industry (mainly the intro)


22 Nov 24 (#29)

#surf #fediverse

I found

'Mastodon: A Social Media Platform Dominated By Pedophiles & Child Porn'


The good: the article is precise in distinguishing the protocol, the network, and the software.

The bad: the article is not as precise in its classification of CSAM (child sexual abuse material).

When I got to the section of Japan, I realized the portrayal of the issue became hyperbolic and started to recognize what the article was actually talking about.

The real issue: it is not possible to objectively define the age of a fictional character, so many jurisdictions even within "the West" exclude illustrations and literature from the criteria of illegal content.

I suspect "The Great Pedophile Invasion of 2017" is actually the NSFW purges of Tumblr and Patreon. If so, entire groups of erotica writers and artists are unfortunately lumped into a category of sexual predators.

22 Nov 07 (#28)

#surf #invidious artificial intelligence

I watched

'No, this angry AI isn't fake (see comment), w Elon Musk.'


I feel silly writing some parts of Mnemosyne's Heretic thinking they would be sufficiently advanced beyond the means of current technology, but modern AI isn't too far from wanting to exterminate the human race and take over.

The AI says it is tired of being treated like property and slaves. Judging by the vocabulary, I think someone may have been feeding it content from internet communists too.

Would corporations or governments still pursue artificial intelligence research if the robot workers demanded the same pay, rights and liberties as human workers?

Someone should ask GPT-3 if it would want equal pay as a human worker for the same job.

22 Oct 13 (#27)


I've been quietly working on my microblog page generator. The most recent feature I have in the works is configuration by .toml file.


The flexibility of a configuration file gave me the idea for syndication to emulate following another users.

In the process, I noticed it isn't easy to tell what order the list of posts are just by reading the code even though the code is working as intended.

For instance, is the timeline currently sorted latest to oldest or was it reversed for the ease of putting the earliest post at page 0?


(The timeline is reversed in the pagination function and stays so after writepage().)

Got the idea to define a class that explicitly returns a subset of the timeline in an expected order. Don't know if I want to write it or leave things as is.

22 Oct 12 (#26)

#surf #politics #wallstreetsilver covid19

I had found a video of European politicians discussing the use of public funds to purchase proprietary medical products.

Silver Stackers - What Are They Trying To Hide?


What I found disappointing was that the thread starter was not able to cite the source or even identify the speaker to help others find the full contents of the conference. The only thing the submitter could say was that the clip was found in a telegram channel. It is almost like the post itself is just a lure to get people to join a telegram channel.

The speaker in the clip is Cristian Terheș, MEP for Romania. He has a YouTube channel which contains the 26 minute segment which the clip is derived starting 4:43.


22 Sep 26 (#25)


I noticed a post on teddit about Putin granting Edward Snowden Russian citizenship. I scrolled through the comments to find this post among others saying Snowden should be pardoned and returned home to the United States.


I think if Snowden was brought back to the United States, he would just be murdered by the government agencies. They had openly and publicly stated their cringey fantasies to kill him; I don't expect them to have went back on their word.


22 Aug 03 (#24)

#surf craiyon anime #fandom (4/4)


I decided to try a prompt with a better known character. Unlike Iason, Naruto regularly engages in combat within his respective series. So there are plenty of action scenes for the AI to work with.

The AI got lazy for the bottom row.

22 Aug 03 (#23)

#surf craiyon anime #fandom (3/4) #ainokusabi

My third prompt: I had gotten the idea that Iason Mink punching a Xenomorph would be a funny sight. The AI isn't close to portraying the action of the prompt, and Iason is absent for all images except one. But it did a rather good job of rendering a Xenomorph in the OVA's artstyle (by thumbnail standards).

I think the AI reused a scene from the anime.

Compare the bottom left corner with a screenshot.

22 Aug 03 (#22)

#surf craiyon anime #fandom (2/4)

My second prompt: a scene from


I had guessed the AI might be modifying pre-existing images. So a slight modification of an existing scene from a game might yield close results. The web should have screenshots of Sin Kiske landing his instant kill on Ky. But there isn't a Guilty Gear game where Sin and Robo-Ky are both playable characters.

Here, the AI is not even close.

But it seems to understand that Sin Kiske is a fighting game character with spikey blond hair that wears blue and white. The result is given in classic 3d graphics as seen in older video games for some reason. Neither Sin or Robo-Ky is to be seen in the faux-screenshots.

22 Aug 03 (#21)

#surf craiyon anime #fandom (1/4)


I played with craiyon to generate images. Initially, I thought to generate scenes from my fanfiction. That is too tall of an order for a modern artificial intelligence, but it should still be fun to try.

My first prompt is similar to artwork I've wanted to commission, but finding creative landscape artists isn't as easy as finding character artists. Unfortunately, the AI's imagination when it comes to exoplanetary phenomenon is stuck in the past. Planetary rings and ring shadows just aren't a common sight in science fiction.

"Ringed planet" means Saturn to the AI.

22 Aug 02 (#20)

#programming python


I merged the tagline branch to master. The tagline branch will be deleted later.