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#metalocalypse #fandom #invidious reading youtube comments https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ACil-IIB0UU

Somewhere on yewtube I caught comments speculating about Charles backstory or any pre-canon details about him. The link is one of them.

I don't think the series needs to delve into his childhood or family life like it has for the band characters. But a pre-canon idea I think is interesting is how Charles met the band.

I had two ideas that I don't take too seriously. In both of them, Charles had an early finance career as a tax accountant or CPA. He however thinks his old job was boring shit with steady pay but leaves his position to take a less predictable path as a band manager.

Charles either (1) meets Nathan who left a band and uses previous band experience to find a manager or (2) used to visit Depths of Humanity but became distant from the scene after he earned his degree and started his career; he happens to catch Dethklok performing before leaving for good.


#surf craiyon anime #fandom (4/4)


I decided to try a prompt with a better known character. Unlike Iason, Naruto regularly engages in combat within his respective series. So there are plenty of action scenes for the AI to work with.

The AI got lazy for the bottom row.


#surf craiyon anime #fandom (3/4) #ainokusabi

My third prompt: I had gotten the idea that Iason Mink punching a Xenomorph would be a funny sight. The AI isn't close to portraying the action of the prompt, and Iason is absent for all images except one. But it did a rather good job of rendering a Xenomorph in the OVA's artstyle (by thumbnail standards).

I think the AI reused a scene from the anime.

Compare the bottom left corner with a screenshot.


#surf craiyon anime #fandom (2/4)

My second prompt: a scene from


I had guessed the AI might be modifying pre-existing images. So a slight modification of an existing scene from a game might yield close results. The web should have screenshots of Sin Kiske landing his instant kill on Ky. But there isn't a Guilty Gear game where Sin and Robo-Ky are both playable characters.

Here, the AI is not even close.

But it seems to understand that Sin Kiske is a fighting game character with spikey blond hair that wears blue and white. The result is given in classic 3d graphics as seen in older video games for some reason. Neither Sin or Robo-Ky is to be seen in the faux-screenshots.


#surf craiyon anime #fandom (1/4)


I played with craiyon to generate images. Initially, I thought to generate scenes from my fanfiction. That is too tall of an order for a modern artificial intelligence, but it should still be fun to try.

My first prompt is similar to artwork I've wanted to commission, but finding creative landscape artists isn't as easy as finding character artists. Unfortunately, the AI's imagination when it comes to exoplanetary phenomenon is stuck in the past. Planetary rings and ring shadows just aren't a common sight in science fiction.

"Ringed planet" means Saturn to the AI.


#ainokusabi #fandom

For the first time in a long time, I decided to visit the Ai no Kusabi wikia. Previously, I didn't consider this wiki reliable; however, it is an honest source of quotes that at least cited the chapter and pages.

To my surprise, the wikia's theme has been updated, and many articles have been rewritten. But the quotes I visited it for are gone. On the bright side, a page that had contained false or poorly cited information has been revised. The changes can be seen here.


Blondies are a type of ruling class cyborgs with blond hair. Sometimes, fanfiction portrays them as family because they reside in a palace tower and share a creator. The light novels mention that there are thirteen Blondies. But only nine of thirteen have appeared in the main series of light novels. Thus, four of thirteen and their names are unknown.

Before the 2022 wikia edit, what this page had done was purportedly list the names of all thirteen Blondies. The only citation was a cosplayer's tumblr page. The titles of the extra materials in which the characters appeared were never given. These unconfirmed characters have been removed in the wikia's current revision. I had thought they were a joke, a fib for extra attention or to pull someone's leg, so I had never used them in my fanfiction. If they turn out to be real, I can only hope the new editors will make proper citations. Here are the "unconfirmed Blondies" with my impression in parenthesis.

Griffith/Griffin Wallace (Berserk reference?)

Leon Clare/Claire (Resident Evil reference?)

Sieg/Zeke Bell/Belle (Zach Bell reference?)

And lastly, a name that didn't immediately come across as a reference:

Rupiahs/Ruphias/Rufias Dean (still weird)




#ainokusabi #fandom

The end result was that instead of countering through brute-force and eradicating Area 9 (Ceres), Midas simply announced that their residential records would be deleted.
Ai no Kusabi Vol 1, Page 63
Without a single loss of life -- they (Ceres) had won their rights, their freedom, and their independence.
Ai no Kusabi Vol 1, Page 63
Dana-Bahn itself was constructed from military technology not of Tanagura.
Ai no Kusabi Vol 8, Page 145

The near end of the series introduces a large structure within Ceres called Dana-Bahn that was supposedly pivotal during the independence movement. But it exists as the stage to end the story. From then on, there is not much content to scrutinize for the history within the world. A supposedly bloodless event and a major construction of military technology had me speculate there was a major discrepancy between the stated history and what had actually happened.

This idea manifested in my first #fanfics of Ai no Kusabi (Prologue of Two Opposites and Life In Midas) as the memories of Iason tell a much different story than an online article from Midas.


#ainokusabi #fandom

The platinum blonde Aire. Lean's blue-black hair and ice-blue eyes. Sheila's fiery red hair and amber eyes. Ghil's unblemished white hair and scarlet eyes. Health's straight, honey blonde hair and brown eyes. Raven's silver hair and gray eyes. No matter how many years passed, every face remained forever young in his mind.
Ai no Kusabi Vol 2, Page 111

When Riki reminisces about his block mates from Guardian, their described hair colors line up with the ranks in Tanagura (Blondie, Platina, Ruby, Sapphire). The only rank not described is Jade, and Riki is the analogue to Onyx in this group.

I thought about this exerpt and the other ties between Ceres and Tanagura. It was one of the things that inspired my #fanfic in that Riki was the clone of an Onyx that led a rebellion to found Ceres.

That was all before Midnight Illusion's translation even started. So it might be one of the ways my fanfic will break off from canon.