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Setting: The World Wide Web

I've been writing a nice microblog generation script in Python.

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tags: programming

SPEX: World and Characters

Setting: SPEX

Icarus is born not to a mother but an artificial intelligence. He is a clone who is given the memories of his predecessor who had been alive for centuries. Within those memories is defined an old rebellion against machine authority by human civilians, a rebellion leader with an extinct phenotype, and how the world as it is came to be under the reign of his creator.

A sci-fi series of some-fanfiction-some-original-work derived from the unusual world of Ai no Kusabi.

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tags: ainokusabi original-work fanfic


Setting: Metalocalypse

Dethklok is a melodeath band that saw phenomenal success and the celebrity spotlight cast upon them. They discover their manager has fans too and decide to adjust a day dedicated to the fans accordingly.
Charles version of

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tags: metalocalypse fanfic


Setting: Metalocalypse

Dethklok sends their manager to the hospital for a health examination.
Charles version of

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tags: metalocalypse fanfic

Reading r/wallstreetsilver

Setting: The World Wide Web

I lurked an obscure subreddit for a while.

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tags: wallstreetsilver

Naked Photographs

Setting: Guilty Gear



Robo-Ky becomes a photographer, and Baiken's path of vengeance takes a detour.

4200 words

tags: fanfic

Cephalon Stallman

Setting: Warframe

Free software advocate Richard Stallman awakens as a cephalon in the Warframe universe.

3550 words

tags: fanfic

Chicken Nuggets

Setting: Real Life

The struggle of a male fanfiction writer.

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tags: original-work

RE: Cryptocurrency is an abject disaster

Setting: The World Wide Web

I read Drew DeVault's blog.

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tags: monnaielibre

The Little Ghost That Could

Setting: Starcraft

A sad RTS unit is left with 1 health and 0 kills. Based on a Starcraft match.

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Setting: SPEX

A courier boy's delivery.

1191 words


Mnemosyne's Heretic

Setting: SPEX

A bioscientist starts a new life on the world beyond the frontier.

5000 words



My original series that started as fanfiction of Ai no Kusabi.

SPEX takes place on a distant planet ruled by an artificial intelligence that is revered as a god. Centuries ago, a strong-willed human led a rebellion against machine authority but only partially succeeded. His last act before his death was unleashing a computer virus that infects artificial wombs, resulting in a clone of himself centuries later.

Guilty Gear

Guity Gear is an long-running series of anime-styled fighting games set in the 22nd century. An artifical race of mystical creatures, The Gears, have waged a century long war on the human race. A colorful cast of characters from across the shattered world have been affected in different ways from humanity’s constant threats of extinction.


Metalocalypse is an animated television show that focuses on the fictional melodic death metal band Dethklok and their unwitting connection to the apocalypse. Dethklok’s actions are routinely surveilled by an Illuminati-like group called the Tribunal who perceive them as a threat to the current world order.

Real Life

A dimension that appears doomed to mediocrity at a glance. No magic but plenty of crazy people.

The World Wide Web

The infinite outlet for people from real life to express themselves.


Starcraft is a sci-fi, real-time strategy video game set in space. Three playable species compete for dominance in the fictional region of the Milky Way galaxy called the Korpulu Sector.

  • Terrans, evolved humans of the future
  • Protoss, a long-lived, psionic warrior race
  • the Zerg, an insectoid, hyperevolutionary superorganism


Warframe is a space themed video game set in the Solar System. Technology has turned against its human masters. The player character is a Tenno, a member of the class of master warriors that wield classical weapons such as swords, throwing knives, and firearms.